What are the juicers' benefits?

  • They're easy to use - anyone can do it
  • They're easy to clean - cleaning up after a shot of wheatgrass is no longer a major chore!
  • 20 ml of wheatgrass juice is the nutritional equivalent of over one kg of fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • They're compact and easy to move around - juicing is now a convenience
  • They're light-weight- you don't have to lug around 3 kg every time you move it around. Also, because they're light and compact, you can store them away in your cupboard when they're not in use, saving valuable bench space
  • Give you convenient access to wheatgrass and other juices.
  • They're cost-competitive - cheaper than other juicers. Healthy living is now affordable, convenient, and within anyone's grasp!

Because these juicers are easy to clean, easy to move around, and easy to use, you will use them more often! Forget expensive, heavy, and difficult to clean juicers!

Wheatgrass Juicer

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What're the differences between the Healthy Juicer Original and Mk3?

Find out more about the juicers Find out more about the juicers

The Mk3 is the latest version of the Healthy Juicer and has the following extra features:

  • Juice container with removable strainer
  • Stainless steel clamp so the juicer can be clamped to a table. This is handy if there is no smooth surface for the suction base. The clamp can be used on its own or with the suction.
  • Three-year warranty (click here to see the terms and conditions of warranty) versus no warranty for the Original model
  • Handle is 25cm long instead of 21cm, giving more power

Note that both are fantastic for wheatgrass and just as easy to clean and use, and both are made of a strong food-grade polycarbonate material. Look at their photos to compare the differences.

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How do these juicers compare to other juicers?


Healthy Juicer

Other Juicers

Price < $99
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Makes healthy living affordable!
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Light and compact
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Made of high-quality, light-weight polycarbonate. Designed to be compact. Great for travelling!

Weighs less than 900 grams - easy to move around and you save on shipment as well! Why pay so much for shipment when all you need is a juicer?
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Can weigh over 5 kg! Imagine lugging that around! You pay a lot more to ship it to you too!
Body will not rust
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Body made of high-quality polycarbonate (tip of the auger and end cap made of stainless steel)
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Cheaper models may tarnish/rust. A rusty juicer defeats the purpose of juicing.
Can be used on any smooth surface
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Uses power locking base with 50kg suction power - does not require tabletop to clamp to. Will not damage table surface. The base locks on to the surface in 2-3 seconds and can be removed just as fast. Healthy Juicer Mk3 comes with a clamp that can be used by itself or with the suction base.
Empty box
Requires a table or bench to clamp to.
Easy to clean
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Designed to be easy to disassemble and clean

I'm a lazy person but I use the Healthy Juicer all the time! It literally takes less than a minute to clean: I disassemble the juicer, rinse the parts with water, and let them dry on their own. I'm off juicing again the next day and can put the juicer together in less than a minute. No metal screens that are easy to clog and hard to clean! No motors for water to leak in!
Empty box
Metal screen is a pain to clean and may cause occasional strainer blockage. If it's difficult to clean, you won't use it!
Can handle leafy greens
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Masticating juicer - works by chewing the fibres of vegetables and fruits, giving you more fibre, enzymes, vitamins, and trace minerals. This is unlike (cheaper) centrifugal juicers that can degrade nutrients of vegetables and fruits.
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Masticating juicer - works by chewing the fibres of vegetables and fruits, giving you more fibre, enzymes, vitamins, and trace minerals. This is unlike (cheaper) centrifugal juicers that can degrade nutrients of vegetables and fruits.
Come with bonus accessories
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Include 500 ml juice container (with handle) and plunger tool for pushing food into opening of juicer.

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Electrical juicers

Twin Health Juicer
Multi-Purpose Juice Extractor with Built-In Intelligence
Taste the difference with Living Enzyme Juice
Store fresh juice up to 72 hours

Built-In Intelligence The reverse rotation function will automatically activate to clear the product if overloaded. The power consumption will be controlled automatically if excess pressure is applied or a foreign object is inserted into the feeding chute, preventing possible serious damage. Voice and sound indications.

The most powerful with a motor capability of 2/3 hp compared to 1/4 hp of other "Living Juice Extractors".

The number of revolutions per minute (rpm) is the lowest of any Twin Gear "Living Juice Extractor" at an ultra low 70~80 rpm to preserve the maximum amount of nutrients and living enzymes.The living enzymes extracted from your fruit and vegetable will aid the digestive system, help your body absorb nutrients faster and more efficiently and boost your energy levels.

No pulp adjustment necessary, so juicing is made easier.
The quietest of any Twin Gear "Living Juice Extractor".
The easiest to clean of any Twin Gear "Living Juice Extractor".

Green power kempo
(The Rolls Royce juicer)

Samson Ultra / Green Power Kempo / Hippocrates same manufacturer
* Easy to Clean
The Ultra Green Power Kempo Juice Extractor is easy to clean and to carry.

* Magnetic and Bio-Ceramic Technology
The Ultra Green Power Kempo Juice Extractor uses powerful magnets and bio-ceramic materials in its Juice Bowl and Twin Gears, thereby producing fresh juice which can be stored for longer periods.

* Separating Pesticides
The Ultra Green Power Kempo Juice Extractor filters out harmful pesticides extracting the natural juice in fruits and vegetables.

* Twin Gears Do Not Touch Each Other
The twin metal gears do not touch each other which prevents any possibility of metal scraps caused by friction to get into the juice or pulp.

* Automatic Pulp Ejection
Two adjustable pulp inlet caps permit high levels of juice extraction from a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

* Multi-Purpose Functions
Vegetables and various grains can be easily ground. Using the multi-purpose parts, it can make a variety of pastas and noodles, as well as clean juice.

* Low Noise, High Quality Juicing
The low speed rotation (160 rpm) of the unique, powerful, twin gear impeller and pressing system generates virtually no heat that would cause denature to the juice. Fruits and vegetables are thoroughly crushed, rather than cutting and shredding them into small pieces.

* Automatic Overheating Thermostat
Internal thermostat automatically prevents the motor from overheating.

* Optional Pasta Kit attachment.
Using multi-purpose parts (optional), the Green Power Kempo can make a variety of pastas and noodles

* Insert shows latest model available with CD of ‘How to Use and Recipes'. This unit comes with excellent after sales service.

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