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Like me some time back, you are now probably looking to get started on growing and juicing wheatgrass, the wonderful, miraculous super food. I've found the perfect juicers for wheat grass and other fruits and vegetables - they are high quality juicers for budget minded and health conscious people like us. Here's a bit more about these Healthy Juicers:

Find out more about The Wheat grass Juicer
  • These juicers are cold-press, masticating juicers, which are great for wheatgrass and other fruits and vegetables. Masticating juicers work by chewing the fibres of vegetables and fruits, giving you more fibre, enzymes, vitamins, and trace minerals. This is unlike (cheaper) centrifugal juicers that can degrade nutrients of vegetables and fruits.

  • They're so easy to clean! I'm a lazy person, but I use a juicer like this all the time. It literally takes less than a minute to clean: I disassemble the juicer, rinse the parts with water, and dry them. I'm off juicing again the next day and can put the juicer together in less than a minute. No metal screens that are easy to clog and hard to clean, and no motor for water to leak in.

  • The juicers small, light, and compact. This means you can store them conveniently anywhere. The juicers weigh around 700g (the whole box plus packaging weighs about 1.1kg). Compare this to other juicers weighing over 3kg. These are not juicers you will sweat over taking in and out of your cupboard. It's also a great item to take along with you when you travel.

  • They are made from Lexan, a strong polycarbonate, food grade material that won't rust. The last thing you want is drinking juice from a rusty juicer.

  • These Healthy Juicers help support a healthy lifestyle - wheatgrass is full of natural minerals, chlorophyll, enzymes, and vitamins, including B12 (great for vegetarians like me). As you know, our modern diet of today consists of highly processed food with different kinds of chemical additives. These chemicals can remain in our body and can become toxic. While it's not easy to avoid these foods altogether, it is important that we strengthen our internal systems and aid our body in removing toxins. This is where wheatgrass comes in - it can remove wastes that clog your cells, blood, tissues, and organs.

  • Best of all, the juicers are priced from $85, including free shipping anywhere to Australia and New Zealand. When I was looking around for a wheatgrass juicer, what I found was anywhere from $189 to $259. That's without shipping (which is not trivial since these juicers weigh a ton), which means it's a heap of money for someone who's not running a juice bar.

  • Talking about free shipping, we ship 90% of our juicers using a super-fast courier service that delivers within one working day to most major cities and within two working days to other areas. This is a traceable service, ensuring that deliveries can be monitored and signed for. This means you get your juicers fast, safely, and hassle-free. Non-courier locations are sent by Australia Post registered parcel.

What others are saying...

"The juicer is just wonderful... I am growing and juicing my very own wheatgrass juice 100mls every morning, I am just so impressed because everything that you told me has worked wonders.

Thank you, and God bless you."

Graham Latemore, Queensland

"Reading up about wheatgrass I decided it was something I wanted to try. After ordering a juicer from wheatgrassjuicer.com.au, I was juicing my own wheatgrass in just a few days. Even though half the price of a stainless steel juicer, I was happy to find the juicer to be of excellent quality. It sticks to the bench great, juices easily, and I can pull it apart and clean it in under two minutes without a mess. The beneficial effects of wheatgrass came in just a few days. I now find myself sleeping better, getting up early mornings without a struggle and feeling energetic throughout the day. Furthermore, my allergies (to cats in particular) have completely disappeared (it's better than any antihistamine). Have ordered several more juicers for my family since. Everyone should know about this stuff!"

M Cullin, Melbourne

"The juicer is a small, wonderful gadget that does the job well. It is lightweight, easy to setup, use and clean as well. And it is reasonably priced (look elsewhere, and you'll know what I meant). I recommend this juicer for home use."

H Haliman, Perth

"Both the juicer and wheatgrass juice are fantastic!! I was introduced by a friend about the benefits of wheatgrass juice and of course tried and tested it. It's really great stuff, and this juicer is so affordable compared to the one I got before which cost me $250!! Now that I've come to know of this site, everyone in my family enjoys the great price and of course the juice as well. Thanks for the great stuff, and I will definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys juicing their own wheatgrass!"

Ailin Lea Lim & Family, Perth

"The juicer is simply great. It's small for easy storage, easy to assemble and clean. I enjoy growing my own wheatgrass. If you enjoy gardening, it's a piece of cake growing the wheatgrass. If, you're not, like myself, it will still be a piece of cake. It's a great way to stay healthy."

Vaneesa Tham, Perth

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You may be thinking: the juicers look good but how easy is it to grow wheatgrass? Again, like you, I initially thought it's a lot of hassle. But it's one of the easiest plants to grow, and I've explained and illustrated the steps in this FREE wheatgrass ebook. It's great for beginners! After you've planted your first tray, subsequent trays of wheatgrass will take minutes for you to cultivate (you spend max 5 minutes preparing and planting seeds but grass will take 4-7 days to grow and need to be watered). It's what I call healthy fast-food.

Growing and juicing your own wheatgrass means you can have access to wheatgrass whenever you want. I've heard of customers travelling 20km to get to a juice bar - not anymore!

Besides, growing your own wheatgrass is extremely cost-effective. Wheatgrass seed costs $3-5/kg and gives you about 20-30 shots of wheatgrass. A shot of wheatgrass is normally $2-$3 at juice bars, so you're getting a lot of wheatgrass for $3-$5. But you'll find the benefit of convenience heavily outweighs the cost advantage. Also, I find growing my own plants extremely therapeutic and an enjoyable activity in its own right.

Please feel free to browse around - this web site's got everything you need to learn to grow and juice your own wheatgrass.

Find out more about the juicers.

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